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From: (P. Carr)

I have not been able to get any Internet or DSL  service's do to my business and home's location, Cable, Local phone provider and other Intranet Company's just don't offer to cover anything in my area, as this is the case for alot of my friends and family. since I and some of them do business and live in the boonies. I am so pleased to have found first go net the service is real good and fast I now have the service both in my home and business and I must say when I travel for my business not one other company offers the state to state coverage that first go net has to offer I just look up a local number then plug my lap top in my travels and I am on line. I recommend this intranet provider highly to all of my friends and family. I feel every one should join first go net and experience the quality service's that they offer. You all will thank me for recommending this company highly. ____________________________________________________

From: (William C.)

My past internet service provider was really bad and it really was slow not to mention the 28.00 each month I was foolish enough to pay for plain old super slow dial up. A friend of mine recommended this company  First Go Net and I am so glad he did. Not only am I saving about 211.86 a year I am surfing the internet so much faster and downloads are alot faster too. I just wish I would have known about this sooner I would have had alot more money in my pocket and alot less frustrations with the internet. I thank you so much First Go Net for being there for me. I do recommend to every one to become a member and save your selves alot of headaches and frustrations. The service is the best. Thanks for being there for me First Go Net. ___________________________________________________________________

From: (Leon Bulch)

I hated my last internet providers. Not only are they rude and do not seem to care about their customers at all. thay also cost to much I was paying $30.00 each month to keep getting kicked off line and lose my emails people sent me. thay were real bad. A friend of mine whom had the same issues told me about http://www.First Go Net.Com and he said I should give them a try. I called them and told them my friend referred me to them not only did I get service with them at a discount but my friend got a discount on his bill for referring me. The service is real good and so much faster than my last service in fact it flies real fast it seems as fast as dsl. and when they returned my call the operator was real helpful and nice, he really cared about me and took the time to help me understand. I Recommend to the U.S to join and be as happy as I am infact my brother lives in Hawaii and sisters in other states are now members and love First Go Net as much as me.


From: ( David G.)

Thanks Firstgonet for being there for me. I hated pexxxx pc thay gave me real bad service and had the nerve to charge me for it. I am so happy to have found you. your high speed is real fast and I love the fact I can use my service when I travel for work, no more paying hotels for intranet service when I want to plug in my lap top to do my work. I think you guys are the best all around. thanks Firstgonet.com for keeping me up and running. I feel everyone should join Firstgonet and oh yes I put my name on it when I say Firstgonet.com offers the best service and really care about all of us the customer. I sure do recommend to everyone to join Firstgonet.com


From: ( Dino ) Manager DOUGLAS BURGERS No.23

When it comes to web design I feel I got the top for my money. First Go Net Designed a real good sight for $149.95 and host it with 10 emails for $8.95 each month. you can check out my sight at www.douglasburgers23.com and be as happy as I am. I recommend highly First Go Net.com to all. Infact come to our restaurant for your meal and receive a voucher for your first 3 Months High Speed Internet service for Only $8.00 Each Month from First Go Net.COM We stand by First Go Net and all thay have to offer. We really believe in First Go Net.Com and all thay do.

From: Me Tim Richards

you all got to hook up with this service. do I recommend First Go Net.Com heck yes I am so happy I found them and man am I saving. I was paying 29.95 to another company for real slow high speed and thay really stunk I wish I could say there name so you can do yourself a favor and avoid them. and when I needed help thay treated me like I owed them something and thay were doing me a favor. I can't believe I was crazy enough to pay for that. I can say that if you need help with First Go Net.Com Thay really step up to the plate and the operator really took the time to explain everything to me and when I call them thay really care to take the time I can't believe that thay are as grate as thay are. I really am happy and I recommend that all of you join up you will be so happy I guarantee it. trust me you have alot to save and will be glad to become a customer.




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